error message E355-001 on IR5020 series

E355 error code is due to no communication between the Main-Controller board and the Serial Number board below it. The boards are connected by a 11 PIN yellow connector and cable. This yellow connector must be reseated on the new Main-Controller board when changed. The connector must be seated firmly on the board.

When this error occurs, you must go into Service Mode and clear the error code. How to clear the error code:
1. Enter Service Mode: Press * Additional Functions, 2 and 8 simultaneously, then * Additional Functions again.
2. Then select the [COPIER] option. Under [COPIER], select the Function tab.
3. Under the [FUNCTION] tab, select the [CLEAR] option.
4. In [CLEAR] there is a selection E355-CLR. Select it and hit OK.
5. Reboot the machine.

If the error occurs again:
1. Make sure the connection is secure and tight to the Main-Controller board from the connector cable to the Serial Number board below.
2. Re-seat the Main-Controller board into its slot.
3. Go into service mode and clear the error code as explained above.

* If the error still continues, you probably have a bad Serial Number board and it needs to be replaced.